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I made this journal as a community rather than a regular account so that I don't have to log out of my main account when I update here! It is a journal to log the training progress of my personal dog, Arceo, and my student's dogs. If you have an animal you are training, and would also like to use this community as a logging tool, feel free to join and log! Observation of progress is an incredible learning tool, and I certainly encourage it.

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Arceo (neoikeia)
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    Keysa (naturalassassin)
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    Adding an Animal Profile
    To add a profile for your dog/bird/horse/whatever, make sure you have a LiveJournal account (click here to create one) and that you have joined the community (click here to join). Once that's all set

    Copy the Animal Profile Template (click here view and copy template). This entry includes a session template that you can use if you wish.
    On your menu bar, click My LJ
    Paste the Animal Profile Template into the [Entry] field and fill it out.
    Click the [Post to:] dropdown and make sure to select trainers_log
    Add your dog's name to the tags
    Click Update Journal!

    You can follow the same process to post a session. Remember to ALWAYS put your dog's name in the tags to ensure that you can filter your logs from the logs of other's by clicking your dog's name in the Animal Profiles section. If there is any problems with tagging, please let me know by emailing me at neoikeia[AT]tmail.com